Holmes-McNaughton offer close reproductions of original Rudall & Rose flutes, mostly eight keyed simple system. Left & Right handed.
We prefer to make flutes in selected African Blackwood. Other woods are available.

All keywork is Solid Silver, we cast keys to our own design using sophisticated hardening processes to give strength and durability. Notice from the photographs throughout this site that all the keyways are lined with silver. Notice too that the foot joint key levers of the C-C# are in their own pivot housing made entirely of solid silver. The wooden shim of original 19th century flutes more often than not breaks away at this point, our design ensures that this will not happen.

Materials; we use recognised ‘tone-woods’, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Cocus Wood and Pink Ivory among others. Specially sourced brass tube for the headliner and tuning slide. All rings, fittings and key-way liners are solid silver. The springs are either spring steel or specialist brass alloy.

Examples Images below – for higher resolution images please see the flute gallery page here: